Musical Projects

Colin's other main passion outside of journalism is music.


Having been taught the violin from age 6, Colin went on to learn the guitar, banjo and drums as he progressed through primary and secondary school - and very nearly decided on a career in the profession.


Despite growing up with parents who enjoyed classical and Scottish folk music, Colin's taste eventually steered towards the metalcore and deathcore genre of metal, stemming originally from his early teenage years of listening to Linkin Park.


At present, Colin is in three musical ventures: Motion Scoundrel, Llama Bonanza and Hindsight. Motion Scoundrel is an entirely self-made deathcore project, with an album already released and an EP on the way; Llama Bonanza - in which Colin is both vocalist and guitarist - are a three-piece pop-punk/metal hybrid, with two albums and and an EP released; Hindsight - in wich Colin is the drummer - is a four-piece indie rock outfit, with one EP released and an album in the works.


Click below - if you dare - to listen.


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