Tha Gàidhlig air a bhith aig Cailean airson deich bliadhna.


Growing up with a Hebridean mother, Colin already had the foundations of the language. In 2015, he began learning from scratch - and has now presented close to a dozen Gaelic features on television and radio.


However, Colin's main success with the Gaelic language has been with music.


Following the success of a throwaway TikTok video in late 2022, Colin began cultivating a following under the name Gun Ghaol, posting regular short videos - and musical creations - in the Gaelic language.


Since late 2023, he's released three standalone singles (see below) with plans for the world's first Gaelic metalcore album being released to coincide with the opening of the 2024 Royal National Mod in Oban.  


You can listen to Gun Ghaol on Spotify.

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